Trails & Rails offers an innovative program through partnership. The National Park Service along with Amtrak provides educational experiences for passengers on the rail. The experience includes providing passengers with an appreciation of culture and the Montana’s area of beauty. Passengers have access to connect through different public lands while learning about the importance of […]

Montana has so much to offer, especially when desiring scenic drives through the area. There are many known routes which bring much to the senses. If you enjoy the dramatic, breathtaking views then consider one or more MT scenic options. Beartooth Pass is a very popular tourist scenic drive as well as Clyde Park, Gallatin […]

Montana is a great place to visit year round, but during the Fall season it is a beautiful time to experience the area. Although the hues of green disappear, the colors of Fall begin to shine through. Golden colors appear on tree including the cottonwoods, aspens, and tamaracks. The number of visitors to the area […]

The Montana grasslands offer protection to some of the most endangered animals and birds. The plains are blanketed with mixed native grasses which give support to many species. Mountain Plovers and Burrowing Owls are included in this habitat as well as Chestnut Collared Longspurs. The prairies of Montana are also home to long migrations of […]

Vananda is a small town located in Montana which began as a station stop in the early 1900s. The station was created as a stop while railroads were constructed through the area. During the 1920s, the town of Vananda, MT consisted of a bank and a schoolhouse in the beginning. The town did see some […]

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