Montana GrasslandsThe Montana grasslands offer protection to some of the most endangered animals and birds. The plains are blanketed with mixed native grasses which give support to many species. Mountain Plovers and Burrowing Owls are included in this habitat as well as Chestnut Collared Longspurs.

The prairies of Montana are also home to long migrations of the pronghorns which are one of the quickest mammals known on earth. The follow closely behind the speed of cheetahs. The grasslands of Montana also provide homes to some of the rarest species including the prairie dogs (black tail), as well as the ferret (black footed). This ferret is also known as one of the scarcest mammals in North America.

Conservation methods are important to saving the grasslands of MT which are still existent. Protection of the land is detriment to the survival of these endangered animals. Uniquely, the use of cattle is one of the best tools available to help protect the grasslands.

Cattle grazing on the grasslands of MT help increase the pliability of the land and improves the health of the prairies. Other tools are used to help preserve the plains of MT including strategic measures and preserving a necessary blend of habitat.

Understanding the importance of grassland conservations brings new meaning while visiting the area. One can truly appreciate the scope of protections put into place through the grasslands of Montana.

What are your personal thoughts about preserving the grasslands to help protect the endangered animals in the state of Montana? Please leave your comments below. We would love to hear from Big Sky Blog readers.

Photo Information: This photo is provided by and given credit to Kevin Dooley – on with permission via Creative Commons Licensing.


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