MT Historical BuildingsVisiting Montana offers a variety of views including seeing historical buildings. Ranching is prevalent throughout the state and many enjoy seeing views of past as well as present history in the cowboy life. Guest ranches are many in which people go on vacations or for weekend getaways.

Montana museums and countryside locations offer a pleasing view of history. Some locations offer an open country atmosphere while others are viewed in hidden wood areas. Creeks run through the wild country of MT near many historical landmarks. In each of these areas through the state, one will take in the awe of seeing old buildings which once told a unique story.

Visiting Montana is a great way to learn about the history of the state as it once was. Tourists can also learn about how the state has changed over the years. Even with change, the story of history will remain for the residents and communities.

Seeing and learning about historical buildings is a great family event. Children will be intrigued through wonderful learning experiences. There are many children friendly museums which offer glimpses of history as it unfolded in the golden days of Montana statehood.

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Montana AgricultureMontana is known for having a strong base in agriculture and business. Ranching and farming provide nearly five percent of the jobs within MT. Another seventeen percent of the population hold jobs related to agriculture. A large percent of MT businesses are family owned and operated.

The two largest commodities in MT are beef and wheat. The state is also home to growing other agricultural products including cherries, sunflowers, sugar beets, hay, barley, and many more. Dairy products are also a strong commodity held within the state of Montana.

Agriculture in MT contributes nearly two and one-half billion dollars back into the economy on a yearly basis. There are several million head of beef cattle and nearly twenty thousand dairy cattle. Swine, horses, poultry, ostriches, sheep, and llamas are also plenty within the state.

Bees are also big business within Montana, as they are the fifth largest state to produce honey. The honey bees produce close to nine million pounds of honey each year for the people. This alone places MT in fifth place for honey production in the US.

Montana is a great place to live as well as visit. Agriculture and business are a strong part of the state’s foundation. There are plenty of places to visit and learn more about the history of Montana across the state. If you are interested in learning more about Montana, take a few minutes to bookmark the Big Sky Blog!

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Lewis and Clark with DogMontana holds a rich history which can be shared with children. Family vacations to MT offer activities in Indian culture, Battlefields, Dinosaurs, and information about Lewis & Clark. Museums and festivals provide a unique learning experience for the young at heart.

Montana is known for the states seven Indian reservations which provide a strong background in the Native American heritage. Gatherings take place on a yearly basis which celebrate the life of the Native American in MT. Traditional dress is worn and rituals take place like in the years past.

MT is known for its history in battle. Historical locations are available for the whole family to visit and learn history of past and present. History includes learning about buffalo jumps, battles fought, caves once visited, and ghost towns.

Dinosaurs once walked the area which is now known as the state of Montana. It was a great kingdom where the young dinosaurs were cared for by their mothers. The state fossil is the Maiasaur, also known as the Great Mother.

Familiar history is known about Lewis and Clark expeditions. Visiting historical museums will provide children with even more information about the travels of Lewis and Clark in the early 1800s. There is much to learn even as adults about the history which has taken place in MT.

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Montana Offers VarietyMontana offers a wide variety of activities and adventures for vacation time. There are many different things to see and do across the state. Now is the time to plan your vacation and see all the state has to offer the family!

Montana offers plenty of western adventures for the family. There are ranches which allow the experience of rustling cattle and enjoying the farm life. Wagon trails are available for the family to enjoy. Local rodeos are also a big hit within the state.

Outdoor adventures are nearly endless within MT. Families and individuals can enjoy a host of camping sites, skiing opportunities, boating, fishing, hunting, and other recreational activities.

The wilderness is like no other place within the state of Montana. There are seventeen official wilderness areas of which the family can enjoy. Many of the locations are far from vehicles and bikes making it a nice get away.

There are plenty of activities within the state which are great for those who are single as well as for group adventures. Big Sky Blog offers information on a regular basis about places to visit and things to do in MT!

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Deer Lodge Auto Museum MTDeer Lodge Auto Museum is listed in the country’s top ten list of auto museums to visit. The museum is located in the Old Prison at Deer Lodge. Tourists will see over 150 different cars from classics to muscle cars.

Visitors will take a trip through history while viewing  an 1855 Mormon Hand Cart, 1886 Benz, 1910 Kissel Kar, other older model vehicles, as well as Corvettes, Model A Fords, Mustangs, and electric cars from 1914. They will also experience and view logging trucks, fire trucks, as well as the Porsche (356A). There is much to see when visiting Montana’s auto museums.

Museum Appreciation Day is held each year and is usually scheduled toward the end of June. This event provides free entry to celebrate the day. Many museums which are included in this event will also have special open house features. All who visit can enjoy learning about history, have fun, and enjoy Montana culture.

If you relish visiting car shows and museums, the Deer Lodge Auto Museum is one place you will want to come to. This Montana museum is open daily from 10 am to 4 pm. For more information, please call 406-846-3111.

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MT state capitalVisitors enjoy seeing Montana’s state capital in Helena. The city holds the Montana State Legislature which buildings constructed in the 1800s. The state capitol holds a unique historical emphasis placed on a competition for designing which took place in 1896. The winning architect is known as George Mann. During the time of commission, the original plan was abandoned due to cost.

A new competition was put into place which was won by Charles Bell and John Kent. The new design was used to build the state capitol building in Montana. Mann’s design was later used to create the capital building in Arkansas.

Within the MT capital building is the most distinguished feature which is the rotunda with paintings as shown. Within the paintings, viewers will see four significant classics of people in the early history of the state of Montana. These include the Native Americans, explorers, miners, and cowboys.

Visiting Helena Montana provides a historical view of the state as well as the ability to experience the culture. The area is full of beauty and brings many families to see the history which stands from past and present.

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MT ranchMontana is a great place to get away for daily life. Within the state, there are many ranch experiences which bring a unique time with the family. Guest ranches are common in the area and provide the ability to take time to reconnect with nature itself.

Spending time at Montana’s guest ranches provides visitors with the ability to experience cowboy culture and enjoy the warm atmosphere it provides. Many who have experienced this kind of vacation have no regrets to taking time out with family and friends.

Montana ranch experiences provide a spectacular view of the area which brings much to the soul. There is so much one can discover and experience such as horseback riding, hiking, and fly fishing as a guest. The biggest benefit to taking a ranch vacation is seeing the scenery, hearing life in the great outdoors, and spending time with your loved ones.

For those interested in visiting MT, the Montana Dude Rancher’s Association provides a host of information regarding choosing the right location to take your vacation ranching. Whether you are looking for a vacation for the family, or want to get away alone, visiting a MT guest ranch is a wonderful option.

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Yellowstone SunsetThe sunset at Yellowstone is an unforgettable scene for many who visit Montana. The sunset allows visitors to see beauty displayed in the sky as well as on the surrounding areas.

Certain visitors will hiking up the mountain trails and camp overnight just to see the spectacular view of the morning sunrise, or hike early in the mornings in time to see the sunset for the day. Either way, the landscapes are truly remarkable and will leave a lasting impression in the mind.

The time of sunrise and sunset will vary throughout the year. Typically, dawn can occur between 5 am to 6:45 am depending on which month of the year. And, dusk can occur between 8 pm and 9:45 pm within Montana time zones.

If you enjoy seeing the sunrise and sunset, then consider taking some time to see it displayed in Montana in the Yellowstone area. The colors will be amazing in the sky as well as in the surround landscapes.

Have you visited Montana lately and seen the sunrise or sunset? Did you enjoy the view as a memorable moment in life? We would love to hear your comments on your latest visits to MT!

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Yellowstone WaterfallsYellowstone National Park in Montana has beauty surrounding it on all sides. There are hundreds of waterfalls in this area alone. Some of the waterfalls include Fairy Falls, Lewis Falls, Mystic Falls, Tower Falls, and Undine Falls.

Visiting Montana brings a special experience to those who take in the beauty and majestic scenes. It is one thing to see the area in photographs and another thing to visit seeing them first hand.

The area is full of natural artistry made from the Creator himself. One can get lost in the feeling of tranquil moments at Yellowstone. The time spent in Montana at the national park will bring memories which will last a lifetime.

Visitors have many other options available to them while staying at Yellowstone for the day, or even the week. There is camping areas, places to picnic, fishing, hiking, and many other activities.

While visiting Yellowstone National Park in Montana, what was your favorite attraction? Did you enjoy the beauty of nature the most? Were you amazed at all the waterfalls in the area? Was it the refreshment you experiences traveling and visiting the area with family which meant the most?

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Highline Trail Creek MontanaHighland Trail, located near Eureka MT, offers spectacular views to hikers and visitors. The hiking trail is approximately five miles in length with a gain in elevation of close to 800 feet. The duration of the trail encompasses around three hours of hiking one way for the intermediate hiker.

Families enjoy the view this out and back trail type provides. There are areas on the hiking trail which is more crowded, but those who desire to continue on the trail to the more secluded areas will find many rewards in the views.

Hiking in Montana are great for day hikes, or even to spend a few days in the heart of natural surroundings. The back country of the area is great to visit, especially during July through September.  With this particular Montana hiking trail, dogs are also allowed with the visitors.

Highland Trail in Montana is just one of hundreds of locations for individuals and families to take time to relax and enjoy the landscape as well as wildlife. If you would like to visit some wonderful hiking locations in Montana this year, this is one trail to consider.

For more information about other MT trails and attractions, please take a moment to bookmark The Big Sky Blog. We will be routinely adding new information to help you plan your next visit to the beautiful Montana state.

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