The Western Heritage Center is located in Billings, Montana. Visitors can enjoy learning about the people of Yellowstone River Valley as well as the Northern Plains. The center is an exciting place to visit with the family to learn the deeper meaning of the people. The center uses a large number of arts and humanities […]

The Museum of Women’s History is located in Billings, Montana. The purpose of the museum is establishing a place of preserving the history of women. The museum also is involved in researching activities to gain and share info with the communities. The museum was founded in 1995 by Dorothy McLaughlin with the support of Chancellor […]

Visiting Montana museums is a wonderful way to learn about the history of the area. The Moss Mansion Historical House is located in Billings, Montana. Visitors will be taken back in time to the 1900s. Individuals will be taken on a one hour tour at the Moss Mansion Historical House. They will view things the […]

Do you enjoy seeing dolls of the past? The Legacy Doll Museum is a unique place to see dolls and accessories that have been preserved from the past. The museum has a large collection of dolls from the 1800s and different periods of time. There are over 600 dolls and over 4000 doll accessories on […]

The High Plains Women’s Museum is located in Billings Montana. They are a museum which seeks answers in knowing about the diversity of women of the High Plains. Information is provided about the past and present time. The museum offers inspirational information to visitors regarding how the women lived, what they enjoyed, how they lived, […]

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