The Wild Goose Island in Glacier National Park is a photographer’s dream. The island is one of the most popular places in the area which photographers love to gather and take photographs. Wild Goose is actually located in the middle of St. Mary Lake. As the seasons change, the view also changes. During winter time, […]

During visits to the Glacier National Park, one can take in all the beauty within the area. One such view includes Squaw Mountain as seen by Loco Steve during his stay at one of the parks hotels. Squaw Mountain is also known as Old Squaw. The east glacier in Montana is amazing and mind boggling […]

Montana provides many opportunities to visitors including discovery. Natural history is present all throughout and many places in Montana offer scenic views to behold. One must see the area to truly appreciate it. Natural history museums are available within the state of Montana including the Montana Natural History Center located in Missoula, MT. The center […]

Lake Sherburne is located within the scenic Many Glacier Valley in Montana. The lake area offers many Montana tourists a spectacular view of the mountains mirrored on the waters. This MT lake is not naturally made but is considered a reservoir from waters regulated at Swiftcurrent Creek. Since Lake Sherburne is a reservoir, the water […]

Montana’s Old Chief Mountain is known as one of the most prominent rock formations along the Rocky Mountain area. Viewing Chief Mountain is a sight to see when visiting the state of Montana. The elevation of the peak is over nine thousand feet. The prominence is measured at a little over eighteen hundred feet. Chief […]

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