Montana State is a great place to go camping with the family, or individually. There are a variety of state parks within the state which offer great options for getting away. The outdoors allows for families to take the time to bond with nature and gain new experiences. At least twenty state parks in Montana […]

Yellowstone National Park is known at the Wonderland. The Montana National Park holds the majority of the geysers in the world. They are carefully preserved and are the main reason the park was established in the 1800s. Yellowstone is actually the first national park to be created and is home to many wildlife animals including […]

The Bighorn Sheep were once close to extinction, but due to community efforts visitors to the Montana area will see populations of the species. The wildlife creatures are considered as mountain sheep although their status is still questionable. Several species populations within the animal kingdom are considered endangered. Montana’s Bighorns are male and females, both […]

Montana is a great place to visit during different seasons of the year, but during July and August the temperatures average in the 70s and low to mid 80s. This time of the year is great to visit the area and really see the area at its best. July and August are great to take […]

Trail biking provides a healthy experience while viewing the Montana area. There are many options available to those who are interested in the sport. Individuals and groups can ride at their own pace through different bike trails available in MT. For beginners, it is important to do some training sessions before visiting the area. Taking […]

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