Bighorn Sheep MTThe Bighorn Sheep were once close to extinction, but due to community efforts visitors to the Montana area will see populations of the species. The wildlife creatures are considered as mountain sheep although their status is still questionable. Several species populations within the animal kingdom are considered endangered.

Montana’s Bighorns are male and females, both having horns. Although, the female’s horns are less curved than the males. The animals range in different colors including brown, light brown, gray, and even dark chocolate color. This animal can weight around 75 to 325 pounds in weight.

Tourists in the MT mountains and surrounding areas are sure to see Bighorn sheep if they are paying attention while visiting inhabited areas. They will typically be seen grazing on the grasslands and even be searching out shrubs. They also desire natural salt licks while seeking needed minerals.

Typically, Bighorn Sheep are seen in larger flocks. The animals do not tend to follow one leader but do move in herds. These animals are highly admired by the Crow people and mountain ranges have been named after the sheep.

Photo Information: This photo is provided by and given credit to Charles Peterson – on with permission via Creative Commons Licensing.


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