The sunset at Yellowstone is an unforgettable scene for many who visit Montana. The sunset allows visitors to see beauty displayed in the sky as well as on the surrounding areas. Certain visitors will hiking up the mountain trails and camp overnight just to see the spectacular view of the morning sunrise, or hike early […]

Yellowstone National Park in Montana has beauty surrounding it on all sides. There are hundreds of waterfalls in this area alone. Some of the waterfalls include Fairy Falls, Lewis Falls, Mystic Falls, Tower Falls, and Undine Falls. Visiting Montana brings a special experience to those who take in the beauty and majestic scenes. It is […]

Highland Trail, located near Eureka MT, offers spectacular views to hikers and visitors. The hiking trail is approximately five miles in length with a gain in elevation of close to 800 feet. The duration of the trail encompasses around three hours of hiking one way for the intermediate hiker. Families enjoy the view this out […]

The Sperry Glacier Trailhead in Montana is another wonderful place to see. The area provides a unique look at the Montana area near Lake McDonald. Visitors will begin their view of the trail at the Lake McDonald Lodge. The round trip through the trail is approximately thirteen miles. The trail ends at the Sperry Chalet. […]

Fifty Mountain in Montana provides opportunities for those interested in backpack hiking. The hiking trail offers a long trek which takes the hiker through the heart of the Glacier National Park. Visitors with moderate hiking skills will enjoy the breath taking views of the mountains and surrounding landscape. The Fifty Mountains are located near Columbia […]

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