Glacier National Park is considered one of the greatest ecosystems in the country. The view the location provides is outstanding. This place to visit in Montana is a must for anyone’s travel plans. The Glacier provides nearly one million acres of the alpines, roaming bears, and a spectacular scene of nature at its best. Visitors […]

O’Fallon Historical Museum is located in Baker, Montana. The museum is owned by Fallon County and the O’Fallon Historical Society operates the Montana attraction. The museum is located in the old, historical, two story jail house on Main Street. The first sheriff to live in the historical landscape building was Mat Jones. He lived in […]

Existing Montana wildlife is a sight to see across the state. Amphibians, birds, fish, invertebrates, mammals, and reptiles exist in variety in their Montana home. Some are easily seen while others are hidden treasure to the human eye. Amphibians exist in Montana in approximately fifteen species categories. A few of them include the Chorus Frog, […]

Interested in seeing excellent pictorial views of Montana? Montana: Portrait of a State offers some spectacular observations of the state of Montana. The book compromises over one hundred colorful pictures that offer an outstanding view of the state. This book is published by Graphic Arts Books and is available for fewer than eighteen dollars. The […]

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