Montana offers plenty of recreation for bird lovers. Visitors can enjoy seeing the wonders of the Western Scrub Jay in MT. This species is native to North American in western locations, including the state of Montana. The wonders of this bird is that it does not migrate. It is found in urban locations and can […]

The Long-billed Curlew is just one species visitors will see when visiting Montana. The shoreline birds are also known as sicklebirds, or the candlestick bird. This species is the biggest nesting bird in North America. Typically, the bird is cinnamon in color on its breasts with brown streaks on its crown. This Curlew builds small […]

Visiting Montana offers a variety of views including seeing historical buildings. Ranching is prevalent throughout the state and many enjoy seeing views of past as well as present history in the cowboy life. Guest ranches are many in which people go on vacations or for weekend getaways. Montana museums and countryside locations offer a pleasing […]

Montana is known for having a strong base in agriculture and business. Ranching and farming provide nearly five percent of the jobs within MT. Another seventeen percent of the population hold jobs related to agriculture. A large percent of MT businesses are family owned and operated. The two largest commodities in MT are beef and […]

Montana holds a rich history which can be shared with children. Family vacations to MT offer activities in Indian culture, Battlefields, Dinosaurs, and information about Lewis & Clark. Museums and festivals provide a unique learning experience for the young at heart. Montana is known for the states seven Indian reservations which provide a strong background […]

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