In 2014, there are major changes coming at the Montana de Oro Trails. The Bluff Trail area will become more accessible to those with disabilities so all can see the scenic beauty the area holds. The project is scheduled to begin and will require part of the park to be closed during different times. The […]

In 2015, the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes will have the option to buy the Kerr Dam which will provide significant benefits to the tribes. The benefits gained will be in an economical light as well as a cultural light. The Pend d’Oreille tribes will also have access to the benefits of the purchase. In […]

AmeriCorps offers training opportunities for individuals within the state of Montana. Programs are open to those interested in gaining new skills, earning money for college, as well as help within the communities. The community service program helps more than five million Americans to improve their lives. By working hand in hand with various organizations, the […]

Giant Springs Heritage State Park is located near Great Falls, Montana. The location was discovered during the Expedition of Lewis & Clark in 1805. The site holds one of the largest fresh water springs in creation. The Montana spring flows at close to eight billion gallons per hour and remains at a temperature of close […]

Montana attractions offer visitors many sites to see including the Lewis & Clark National Historical Trail (NHT). The Lewis & Clark Expedition traveled through the area and to this day, visitors can experience the area. The trail today is the product of many people who have worked together to preserve the trail including federal agencies, […]

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