Going To The Sun Road in Montana is a favorite drive for many tourists. Portions of the road stay open all year long and give access to different locations along the way. The road is a favorite for many visitors to the area. The entire length of Going To The Sun Road is fifty miles. […]

The Izaak Walton Inn is located on the south border of Glacier National Park. The retreat offers a wonderful experience for the family near Essex, MT. The business is family owned and provides a unique Swiss Style stay for visitors. The history of the inn is closely tied to the Great Northern Railway as well […]

The Upper Whitefish Lake is located in MT on the border of Whitefish. The area is delightful with mature forests nearby. Camping is available as well as fishing, swimming, boating, and other popular activities. The Upper Whitefish Lake is quiet and provides ideal conditions for a relaxing experience for the family. Children and adults who […]

Montana’s number one industry is livestock along with agriculture. The state of Montana holds approximately three head of beef cattle for each resident. Montana’s large cattle industry places the state sixth in the United States. Montana holds not only beef cattle, but also over eighteen thousand dairy cattle which provide supply for milk and milk […]

Bannack, Montana is known for its ghost towns which is located in Beaverhead County. The town was created in 1862 and named after the local Indians. Major gold was discovered in the area during the same time. The town served as the capitol of the MT territory a few years later. The MT mining town […]

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