Located at the heart of Chouteau County of Montana, Loma is a tiny community with an area of just 8.86 square kilometers. It is located at the Marias-Missouri confluence. Loma is United States’ record holder for the most extreme temperature change in just a twenty four hours time span, from a -54 degree to a […]

Yellowstone County is the territory in Montana cut into almost equal halves from southwest to northeast by the Yellowstone River. The river attained its name from the yellow sandstone cliffs in the county which, afterwards, acquired its name for the river. Nature or adventure, history or art, and culture, whatever are your choices: Yellowstone County […]

Located in West Yellowstone of Montana, the Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center is a not-for-profit wildlife park and learning facility. Sanctioned by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, or in brief AZA, the Center doesn’t remain closed any time of the year. The Epicenter opened in 1993 as Grizzly Discovery Center with only 3 bears. […]

Located on the east bank of the Missouri River at an elevation of 1010 meters in Cascade County, Giant Spring State Park is the most visited state park in Montana with a yearly quarter million visitors. Giant Springs, one of America’s largest freshwater springs, has its opening positioned within the state park. The famous explorers […]

Located in the southern part of Glacier National Park in Glacier County Montana, the peak of Calf Robe Mountain stands at an elevation of 2423 meters. The mountain belongs to the Clark Range and is just 6 miles northeast of Marias Pass. It is the source for Coonsa Creek which drains to the Marias River. […]

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