The forests of Montana hold over twenty-two million acres within the state. Within these areas are the greatest varieties of trees. Trees can be classified as hard woods as well as soft woods, each serving their own purpose to the lands. The Ponderosa Pine is the state tree of Montana, separating the grasslands from the […]

Montana Butterflies are only one thing which brings beauty and interest to the state. They are typically seen in different colors and there are many different species. MT butterflies can range from very small to as big as twelve inches in size. There are a variety of butterflies which can taste with their feet. This […]

The deer populations in Southeast Montana are on the rise again. Mule deer as well as white tailed deer are the most common within the state. Both species are generally adaptive to their surrounding environment. The two deer populations also are seen around other wild mammals and livestock across the state. Effective methods of monitoring […]

Wildflowers are numerous in Montana during their seasons. Over 160 different wildflowers are listed in the US Wildflower Database for the state. A few of the varieties include the Creeping Barberry, Broadleaf Arrowhead, Deerhorn Clarkia, Italian Clover, Orange Daylily, and the Glacier Lily. The wildflowers are native to the country and provide many different benefits. […]

The Rising Wolf Mountain is located in the Lewis Range. Visitors to Glacier National Park see the beauty of this mountain very near sacred ground. The Blackfeet consider the Two Medicine area of the park near the mountain as their sacred territory. The mountain received its name with the meaning of “The Way the Wolf […]

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