Roe River Great Falls MontanaRoe River, which is recognized as the World’s Shortest River by Guinness World Records runs 201 feet (61m) which is only as big as 1 and 1/4 Olympic size swimming pool.  The Roe flows between Giant Springs and the Missouri River near the Great Falls.  Towards the end, Roe River becomes deep at around 6-8 feet.

The source of Roe River is the Giant Springs which is considered the largest freshwater spring in the United States.  Giant Springs has an average discharged of 242 cubic feet, which can technically fill up about two and a half Olympic size swimming pools.  Its water temperature of 54°F originates from the snowmelt in the Little Belt Mountains, 60 miles away.  It has been said that the water takes about 26 years to travel underground before returning to surface at the springs.  Some of the discharged water is used for a Montana trout hatchery named Giant Springs Trout Hatchery.

There is a short bridge over the Roe River which gives you a generous view of the Giant springs creating small waterfalls appropriate for the short river.  The waters are said to be cold at 54°F thereby encouraging some visitors to fill their water containers for a drink.

The grounds are perfect for picnics, given the great scenery and the relaxing sound of water sloshing is not a resonance you get to hear every day.  Visiting the Roe River is actually a quick trip but if you are an avid angler, you can indulge at the Giant Springs Trout hatchery for some big catch.

Roe River Additional Facts                                                          

*Roe River earned its title “Shortest River in the World” from students at the Lincoln Elementary School in Great Falls, Montana.

* There is another river named Roe located at Kimberley of Western Australia which is 41 miles long (66,000m) which is 1,081 times bigger than the Roe River in Montana, USA.

Photo Information: This photo is provided by and given credit to Tim Evanson – on with permission via Creative Commons Licensing.


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