dog sleddingMontana is a great place to go on a guided dog sledding tours. The adventure is like no other and individuals do not have to have prior experience with the guided tours. This winter time adventure is available in different areas of Montana.

Big Sky, Montana offers dog sledding in two locations. The Rainbow Ranch Lodge and the Spirit of the North Sled Dog Adventures are two prime places to check into for this particular city. If you are interested in visiting Bigfork, then Base Camp Bigfork offers similar services.

Montana Outdoor Experience is located in Missoula which is another popular location to enjoy the winter experience of dog sledding. Another favorite location is at Seeley Lake during the Winterfest Event. If you are a Yellowstone fan, then take some time to check into the Klondike Dreams Sled Dog Rides, or the West Yellowstone Sled Dog Races event.

Dog sledding is becoming more popular through the years, especially within the state of Montana. The cities listed are only a handful that offer dog sledding services. The ride is a thrilling experience that will not be forgotten. Even those who watch on the side lines will enjoy the experience!

Photo Information: This photo is provided by and given credit to ryanne {trimmed reality} – on with permission via Creative Commons Licensing.


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